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Bull, Josiah

Josiah Bull was born in 1896 at Royal Oak where his father owned 40 acres of farm land. He attended Royal Oak and old North Dairy Schools. He was married to Gladys in 1926 and they had four children. He joined the Saanich Police force on March 1, 1930. In 1938 Josiah Bull was made Police Chief. He retired in 1957, and died in 1965.

Burnside Lawn Bowling Club

The Burnside Lawn Bowling Club was organized in 1922 and incorporated on 24 December 1923. The Club was formed to “promote, foster and safeguard the Game of Lawn Bowling, and to encourage and maintain Friendship amongst the Members”. In 1923 club member George Vallance donated land on Hampton Road for a green and clubhouse. The clubhouse, known as Hampton Hall, was completed in 1927. Electric lights were added in 1930 to allow night time use of the green. The Burnside Lawn Bowling Club continues to operate from the site.

Citizens’ Task Force on Recycling

The Citizens’ Task Force on Recycling was formed on April 19, 1979 to research and formulate a recycling program for presentation to Saanich Council. The recycling proposal was presented on February 6, 1980. The Citizens’ Task Force on Recycling was chaired by Alderman Sturrock.

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