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Dodd, Charles

Captain Charles Dodd of the Hudson's Bay Company was Master of the steamers Beaver and Labouchere. He purchased Victoria District Section 84 in 1859 and built a house on the 276 acre property. The house was relocated from 1710 Kenmore to Lambrick Park (4139 Lambrick Way) in 1978 for preservation.

Donald Luxton & Associates

Donald Luxton & Associates co-authored Saanich Heritage Structures, published by The Corporation of the District of Saanich, 2008.

Duncan, Caroline

Caroline Duncan has been the archivist for the District of Saanich since 2006.

Edwards, William T.

William Trevilick Edwards immigrated to Canada in 1912 and settled in Gordon Head where he farmed 34 acres of land on Ferndale Road. He grew strawberries and became the first local farmer to commercially cultivate daffodils.

Elk Lake Ratepayers Association

The Elk Lake Ratepayers Association (ELRA) was incorporated under the Societies Act in 1956. Its purpose is to provide “a platform for the discussion of matters of concern to the residents and ratepayers of the area” and ensure that “the amenities of the area, other than private properties, will be developed for the benefit of the ratepayers and residents in accordance with their expressed opinions, instead of the financial gain for promoters from outside the area.” The first Directors of the Association were Fred P. Jeune, W.A. Porter, R.H. Wootten, Ian H. Campbell and David H. Carey. The organization has also been known as The Elk Lake & Saanich Ratepayers Association.

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