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Deans, James

James and George Deans came to Vancouver Island from Scotland as employees of the Hudson's Bay Company in 1852 on the Norman Morison. They eventually purchased land near Mount Tolmie where they established a farm, Oak Vale. James became fluent in many First Nations dialects and was an authority on First Nations culture. He died in 1905.

District of Saanich

The District of Saanich was incorporated on March 1, 1906. The first meeting of Saanich Council was held on Saturday March 10, 1906. Thomas Brydon served as the Municipality's first Reeve. In 1908, Saanich was divided into six (and later seven) administrative wards. Each ward had a representative on council, and the Reeve was elected at large. The ward system was abolished in 1949. Ward 6 seceded from the District of Saanich in 1950 to form the District of Central Saanich. The District of Saanich celebrated its centennial in 2006.

Dodd, Charles

Captain Charles Dodd of the Hudson's Bay Company was Master of the steamers Beaver and Labouchere. He purchased Victoria District Section 84 in 1859 and built a house on the 276 acre property. The house was relocated from 1710 Kenmore to Lambrick Park (4139 Lambrick Way) in 1978 for preservation.

Donald Luxton & Associates

Donald Luxton & Associates co-authored Saanich Heritage Structures, published by The Corporation of the District of Saanich, 2008.

Draper, S. Horace

Horace Draper was born in 1925 in Ottawa. He served with the Canadian Navy during the Second World War, then worked as a draughtsman and photographer with the Dominion Astrophysical Observatory for over 25 years. He died in 2005.

Duncan, Caroline

Caroline Duncan has been the archivist for the District of Saanich since 2006.

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