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Squair, Robert Charles

  • Pessoa singular
  • 1932-

Robert Charles "Bud" Squair was born on September 18, 1932. In his early years, he lived with his adoptive mother Agnes Ethelyn Wilson and her parents in Vancouver. Agnes Ethelyn had married Robert James Squair in Washington State, but the relationship had ended. Mother and son moved to 2836 Austin Avenue in Saanich ca. 1937. Bud's grandfather, Charles James Wilson, had a bungalow and garage built next door at 2830 Austin. Agnes Ethelyn later married Robert McRae Mackay and the family moved to 906 Empress in Victoria. Bud attended Craigflower, Tillicum, Central Junior High, and Victoria High schools, graduating in 1950. Robert Mackay died while working for the City of Victoria cemetery. Later, Agnes Ethelyn married Harry Anderson, an elevator operator at a hotel in downtown Victoria. The family then moved back to Saanich, to 530 Davida. Harry Anderson became a career fire fighter with the Victoria Fire Department and had served overseas in WWI in the 62nd Battery, Canadian Artillery. Bud joined the RCMP in 1951 and left Saanich. He married Betty Blanchett.

Fagerberg family

  • Família

Oscar Fagerberg began building 588 Ridgegrove Avenue (now a Saanich heritage property) for himself and wife Bertha (nee Nelson) in 1920 but he died the following year. Son George completed the house after his father's death. Daughters Clara and Elsa never married and lived in the house for most of their lives. George married Myrtle Lindquist in 1935, and he built a house for them on what is now Daffodil Lane. Myrtle's family lived in Gordon Head for many years, and her brother was named Gordon after the area. George and Myrtle never had any children. The house that George built was never finished upstairs because that was to have been rooms for the children that they did not have.

Aspray, Owen Talbot

  • Pessoa singular
  • 1880-1948

Owen Talbot Aspray was born in London, England on December 12th, 1880 to parents Thomas Neville and Emily Aspray. He immigrated to Canada in 1900. In the Victoria City Directory 1910-11, Aspray is listed as a fireman living at the No. 5 Fire Hall on Douglas Street. In 1910, Aspray married Matilda Collier in Victoria. They had three daughters: Emily Matilda (1911), Annette Ada Violet (1913), and Constance Owena May (1917). According to the 1911 census, the Asprays were living on Tolmie Avenue in the 1911 census and Owen worked as a teamster. At Willows Camp on December 11th, 1914, Owen Aspray enlisted in the 2nd Canadian Mounted Rifles. His wife was then living at 10 Sims St, Maywood P.O. He officially became Lieutenant Owen Talbot Aspray in November of 1918. Aspray returned to Canada In March of 1919. He died in 1948 and is buried in the Royal Oak Burial Park. Owen Talbot Aspray is commemorated on the Saanich WWI Honour Roll.

Stewart, Arthur

Arthur Stewart came to Saanich from Scotland in the early 1900s. A contractor and mason, he built many houses in the Quadra and Tattersall areas. He worked on the Empress Hotel and Carnegie Library and completed the cenotaph in Vancouver after his brother, also a stonemason, was killed during its construction. He started the Lakehill jitney and bus service which ran from Fort and Douglas to the Pumping Station at 3940 Quadra. Arthur died in 1938.

Stuart, Charles Gordon

  • Pessoa singular
  • 1862-1935

Charles Gordon Stuart was born in Napier, New Zealand in 1862. He was an engineer who came to Canada in the mid-1890s. In 1905, he married Jane Tetlow (nee Armstrong), a widow with a four-year-old daughter named Neva. He retired with his family to a house in Cadboro Bay in 1912. Charles Gordon Stuart died in Cadboro Bay in 1935, and Jane Stuart died in 1937. They are both buried in Colwood Burial Park. Their daughter, Mrs. Neva Elizabeth Gray, inherited the family home in Cadboro Bay and continued to own it until 1968. She died in 1970. The house at 3927 Cadboro Bay Road, now demolished, was on the Saanich Heritage Register.

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