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Hope, Henry Theodore Samuel Hope

Henry Theodore Samuel Hope (H.T.S.), son of Henry Pollock Hope and May Seward Hope, was born in England in 1900 and immigrated to Canada with his family in 1907. H.T.S. Hope attended Monterey School and Oak Bay High School. After graduating in 1917 he enlisted in the air force and went to Toronto for training in 1918 but contracted influenza. H.T.S. Hope returned to Victoria and entered teacher training at the Provincial Normal School. He taught at St. Michaels School and later in Duncan at the Consolidated School. Henry Theodore Samuel Hope married Alice Maude Aitkens in March 1943 and they had one child, Sharon, in 1944. During World War II the family rented a house on Tyndall Avenue. In their later years, H.T.S. Hope and Maude moved to 3977 Cedar Hill Road. Maude died on October 13, 1983. H.T.S. Hope remained in the house and later married Mary Cullum. He died on November 1, 1988.

Littler, Alan

Alan Littler was a horticulturalist with the British Columbia Department of Agriculture.

Horspool, Caleb Henry

Caleb Henry “Jack” Horspool was born at 79 Belgrave Road, Leicester, England on July 25, 1905. He immigrated to Victoria with his father Caleb, a cement contractor, his mother Matilda, and his brother Joshua in 1913. The family lived at 363 Davida Avenue. Later, Caleb H. Horspool, a subcontractor and brick mason, built a brick home at 321 Gorge Road West for his mother and himself after the death of Caleb Horspool Sr. in 1932. Caleb Henry Horspool married Edith Ruth Geddes. He died on June 1, 1983 in Victoria of pneumonia.

Chave family

Reginald Chave was born in Woodstock, Ontario. In 1912, he married Bernice Scowcroft, a music teacher whose family lived at 738 Discovery St. in Victoria. Reginald and his father, William J. Chave, were grocers. From about 1915 to the early 1920s they had a grocery store, Wm. J. Chave & Son, at the corner of Douglas Street and Boleskine Road. Reginald and Bernice Chave lived nearby in a house on Saanich Road. They had two children, Cyril and Muriel. Bernice Chave died in Vancouver in 1948. Reginald died in Vancouver in 1957. Their daughter Muriel married William Townsend in 194- and had 3 children: Miriam Bowles (nee Townsend), Julie, and Devon.

Livesay, Edward Horace

Edward Horace Livesay emigrated from England to Ontario in 1904 where he began to farm. He joined the Canadian Navy in 1914 and after two years transferred to the Royal Navy. Edward Livesay was invalided in 1917 and then returned to Canada, starting a strawberry farm in what is now Central Saanich. Livesay Road in the Martindale area led to his farm. Edward Livesay was considered an authority on train locomotives and wrote articles for the London magazine 'The Engineer' for more than 30 years. Edward Livesay died in 1971.

Glass, Ernest

Ernest Albert Henry Glass was born on September 28, 1907 in England. He later immigrated to Canada and lived at 526 Kelvin Road in Saanich. Ernest Glass worked for Victoria Machinery Depot and was an amateur photographer. He died on March 17, 1988 in Victoria at the age of 80.

Neate, Frank

Frank Neate was an engineer with the District of Saanich.

Gillie family

The Gillie family lived in the Strawberry Vale area of Saanich.

Gordon Head Allotment Gardens Association

The Gordon Head Allotment Gardens, which occupied 10 acres at 4065 Gordon Head Road at Feltham, were established in 1975 through a provincial Ministry of Agriculture program. The gardens received public funding until the early 1980s. The first meeting of the Gordon Head Allotment Gardens Committee (later Association) took place on July 10, 1979. The object of the Association was “non-profit recreational gardening for the personal use of the membership”. Following the end of public funding, the land – which was adjacent to Holy Cross Church and owned by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Victoria – was loaned to the Association free of charge by the Diocese. In 2000, the Diocese sold part of its land to pay down debt and the future of the Gordon Head Allotment Gardens came into question. Association members split into two groups: one determined to find a way to retain the site, the other looking for an alternate site, including Houlihan Park. Ultimately, the allotment gardens closed in 2001 and the Association dissolved. Some former members moved to the Agnes Street Allotment Gardens at 649 Agnes Street, which also later closed.

Goward family

Bernard and Mary Beale Goward built their house "Woodlands" on Arbutus Road in 1908. The District of Saanich purchased the house in September of 1973.

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